Dirty Wknd Bonza Bike Box 2

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  • Dirty Wknd Bonza Bike Box 2
  • Dirty Wknd Bonza Bike Box 2
  • Dirty Wknd Bonza Bike Box 2
  • Dirty Wknd Bonza Bike Box 2
  • Dirty Wknd Bonza Bike Box 2
  • Dirty Wknd Bonza Bike Box 2

Dirty Wknd Bonza Bike Box 2

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We have teamed up with Dirty Wknd to offer a bespoke branded Bonza Bike Box 2. Perfect for holidays, training camps, commuting to an event or competition.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss club/group discounts then contact the team at enquiries@bonzabikebox.com.


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  • The Bonza Bike Box 2 is a strong and rigid bike travel case designed to protect your bike when traveling abroad. Made from HDPE (High-density polyethylene) anti-impact material, this box offers a high level of protection far superior to that of other hard cases on the market using traditional ABS plastic. The main difference being that unlike ABS, this box will not crack under impact due to its more malleable, less brittle construction. 

    Featuring high-quality internal foam padding and velcro retention straps, you can be assured that your bike will not be damaged on the inside either. The lockable catches are incredibly strong, keeping your bike safe and secure, while the easy-glide wheels make navigating through a busy airport a breeze. 

    Despite the already tough construction, we have developed an anti-crush technology in the form of two support struts. These act as a backup should the case sustain a large impact, preventing the bike from being crushed even if the HDPE outer casing fails. 

    The Bonza Bike Box 2 features a stylish design and comes in a range of eye-catching colours, while the high gloss anti-abrasion finish ensures it stays looking good, no matter how heavy handed the baggage handlers are. Built to accommodate all makes, models and sizes of bike, this case is extremely versatile, whilst still conforming to all the latest airline baggage handling restrictions.

  • With many great features the Bonza Bike Box 2 is one of the safest and most stylish solutions for transporting your bike.

    Some of the key features include:

    • HDPE anti impact material.
    • Stronger lockable catches.
    • Internal Velcro retention straps.
    • High quality foam protective padding.
    • High gloss anti-abrasion finish.
    • Bonza developed anti crush technology with 2 support struts.
    • Easy glide high quality wheels.
    • Fits all makes and sizes of bikes (excluding tandems).
    • Fits most wheel sizes from 26 inch to a 29r and all road wheels.

    • Stylish design in a range of colours.
    • Weight 12.0kg. (+/- 5%)
    • Dimensions 124 x 94 x 34 cm.

Fits all bikes

The Bonza Bike Box fits most bike frame sizes on the market from Road, TT & Mountain Bikes.

Impact Resistant

Unlike many other bike boxes on the market using ABS, the Bonza Bike Box uses HDPE (High-density polyethylene).

Ultimate Protection

Quality & design functionality have been the teams paramount goals to make this the ultimate protection for your bike.